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Frontline flea control is among the top brands when it comes to flea control for pets. Our pets depend on us to protect them from the ravages of fleas. It's easy for us to help them with just a little information, and the right pet medication. When fleas attach themselves to our pets, it causes them a lot of discomfort because of the severe itching and scratching. Frontline flea control will save your dog or cat from this type of flea discomfort.

When you buy pet medication that control fleas, you not only save your pet from discomfort, but you save yourself as well. Fleas will not stay on your dog or cat alone. Information shows that once fleas are on your pet, they will jump elsewhere, onto items in your home, onto you, and onto your children. Buying Frontline flea control pet medication, therefore has the added advantage of not only keeping your pets free from multiple flea bites, but also yourself and your children.

Flea Control pet medication should be used all year round. When used correctly, Frontline flea control kills the adult flea and therefore stops the life cycle. By using this type of pet medication will prevent fleas from ever becoming a problem on your pet. Tick and Flea Control medication has come along way over the last few years. No longer do we have to put up with messy powders and ineffective collars, topical medications such as Frontline are easy to use, kinder to your pets and much more effective in the quest to rid our pets of ticks and fleas.

The Life Cycle of a Flea
Fleas are a very common problem in dogs and cats, especially during the spring and summer months. In addition to being an annoyance, flea bites can cause a condition known as "flea allergy dermatitis ", in which the saliva from the flea acts as an allergen and causes a severe dermatitis, requiring medical therapy. Fleas also act as vectors (carriers) of tapeworms, an intestinal parasite. Flea control is best achieved by having a thorough understanding of the life cycle and formulating a plan to disrupt it.

The flea life cycle is made up of the egg, larvae, pupa, and adult stages. The first 3 stages represent 95% of the fleas life. These 3 stages take place primarily in your house and yard. The adult flea represents only 5% of the life span. However, that 5% is spent chiefly on the pet. Adult fleas bite your pet and receive a blood meal. The female fleas lay eggs (up to 60 eggs daily). The eggs fall off the pet into the environment and hatch over the next 2-12 days. The hatchlings (larvae) molt during the next 10-21 days to form a cocoon or pupa. The cocoon stage may last more than one year but is usually complete within 16-21 days.

The young adult flea that emerges from the cocoon then jumps on the pet where it can live 3-4 months. When a female receives a blood meal and lays eggs the life cycle is complete. One female flea can lay several hundred to several thousands of eggs in her lifetime!

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